About Volyat Consulting Agency:

We’re growth consulting agency specialized in the full funnel of ecommerce growth. We work with DTC brands mostly in the wellness & nutrition industry.
Our mission is to help brands go from 5 figures to multi-6 Figures monthly, while staying profitable, building a solid & sustainable system, and doing it as a 5-star smooth & fun experience.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking an experienced Email Marketing Lead to join our team. This role demands a blend of creative flair and analytical prowess, coupled with a passion for continuous improvement and excellence. The ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of email marketing, from strategy development to execution and analysis.

  1. Integrations & List Growth:
    • Ensure seamless ESP integration (Klaviyo) with client site backends.
    • Manage product catalog feeds into the ESP.
    • Implement and monitor tracking pixels to record customer behavior.
    • Develop effective lead capture strategies, including pop-up design, timing, and placement.
    • Create compelling incentives for email and SMS sign-ups.
  2. Welcome & Abandonment Series:
    • Develop & implement welcome email series to motivate first purchases.
    • Develop abandonment flow strategies to retarget potential customers.
    • Utilize dynamic content and personalized offers to enhance campaign effectiveness.
  3. Post-Purchase Engagement:
    • Create post-purchase email series to accelerate customer lifetime value (LTV).
    • Segment campaigns for first-time and repeat customers.
    • Encourage actions such as reviews, referrals, and brand ambassadorship.
  4. Broadcast Campaigns:
    • Plan and execute regular email campaigns and newsletters.
    • Ensure a balanced mix of promotional, launch, and content-driven messages.
    • Optimize email merchandising for maximum engagement and conversion.
  5. Creative & List Health:
    • Continuously optimize email subject lines, content, and CTAs.
    • Maintain and improve list health through effective segmentation and re-engagement strategies.
    • Optional: Having the ability to design is a major plus. Else, we request the ability to fully guide the creative process with our graphic designer.
  6. Team collaboration
    • Work closely with the Growth Manager, who is the primary client contact, to ensure strategies are aligned and client expectations are met.
    • While direct contact with clients will not be frequent, you are expected to maintain professional and effective communication when such interactions occur.
    • Participate in monthly internal team meetings to discuss and strategize on client accounts, ensuring a cohesive approach and shared understanding of client goals
  7. Audit & Reporting:
    • Conduct detailed analysis and reporting on email campaign performance, identifying key metrics and trends.
    • Prepare comprehensive reports for internal teams and clients, highlighting successes, areas for improvement, and actionable insights.
    • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of email strategies against KPIs and ROI objectives, ensuring alignment with client goals.

Our criteria For this position

DO NOT Apply If:

Company Attitudes

Grow Mindset

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Own it

With freedom comes accountability towards results. We own it.

Highest Standards

Good, is not good enough. We strive to be the number #1.

Be Super Proactive

Take initiatives, anticipate needs, and address challenges before they become problems.

Customer Obsession

It's not just about results. It's about 'how my client can live the best experience with us'.

Enjoy Your Time!

Build good relations and have a good laugh! Seriously. Life is fun!

Job Summary


Retention & Email

Job Model

Contractor - Remote


Knowledge in Ecom


per client per month


3 Years or more